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What should I do if I get disconnected during the visit?

As this is a virtual visit, broadcast live over the internet, your connection or coverage may be interrupted, depending on your location, or at FC Barcelona, we may occasionally have technical difficulties. Below are the solutions that we can provide you with in the following cases:

If the visit is cut short for more than 3 minutes due to problems related to FC Barcelona, and we are not able to continue broadcasting the visit, do not worry. We will cancel the session and we will contact you via e-mail to offer the visit at another date and time.

If it is the user who loses the connection or cannot continue with the visit for reasons beyond the control of FC Barcelona:

1. We recommend that you always check beforehand that you have good coverage and internet connection.

2. If you experience minor interruptions during the visit, we recommend that you refresh the page and hit PLAY again to rejoin the broadcast.

3. If you are unable to return to the visit, you can contact the booking agent who helped you previously and he/she will assist you.

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