Barça Stadium Tour & Museum


How do I get to my seat?

Remember that you have to enter the stadium via the entrance to your assigned VIP lounge as shown on your ticket. The easiest way to get to the lounge is to follow the instructions on the ticket, which shows the Access (entrance to the ground) and Porta (gate to the stadium or VIP lounge, if not inside the stadium). The name of your assigned VIP lounge will always be shown on the ticket. Once inside the VIP lounge, to get to your seat, you first need to find the Boca (sector) then the Fila (row) and the Asseient (seat), which are shown on the ticket. If your lounge is located outside the stadium, to find your gate, row and seat, you must first pass through the Porta (gate to the stadium)

Once inside the stadium, and once you have found your sector, keep in mind that the odd seats are always going down to the left, and the even seats are going down to the right.

Likewise, both outside and inside the stadium there are club stewards who will be able to show you the right way to get to your seat.

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