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What happens if I lose my connection during the visit?

As it is a virtual visit, shown live on the internet, you may lose your connection or coverage, or we could have a technical difficulty here at FC Barcelona. These are the solutions we offer in these cases:

  • If the visit is interrupted for more than three minutes due to problems attributable to FC Barcelona, and we are not able to continue the visit, don’t worry. We shall deem the visit cancelled and will contact you by email to arrange a way to return the cost of your ticket.
  • If the user loses their connection or cannot continue the visit for reasons not attributable to FC Barcelona:

1. You are advised to check beforehand that you have good internet coverage and connection.

2. If you get short losses of connection during the visit, you are advised to refresh your browser screen and press PLAY again to restart the visit.

3. If you are unable to restart the visit you can contact us using the attached form to describe the problem in as much detail as possible.

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