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How can I print tickets purchased on the FC Barcelona website?

You can print your ticket directly from the computer you used to make the purchase or, once you have completed the process, you can download the file and save it on your computer in order to print it whenever it is most convenient.

Another way of printing tickets purchased on the FCB website is by going to the sub-menu (right-hand corner) for tickets pending printing and entering the credit card number used to make the purchase.

We recommend that before printing the tickets, you always download and save the PDF file. That way, if anything goes wrong while you are printing the ticket, you will always have the option of repeating the process.

As a last resort, and always at least three hours before the match kicks off you also have the final option of collecting your tickets from the FC Barcelona ticket offices. We insist that this is not the most recommendable option because you may have to spend a long time queuing and might not get into the Stadium in time for kickoff.

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