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How do I deal with any incidents regarding Seient Lliure?

  • The automatic service doesn’t recognise my code or PIN: make sure you have the right details (for further information see  the question What is the PIN? ). If they are correct please contact the Supporters Office by telephone or by mail.

  • I cannot view my seat on the website for ticket sales although when I check the status it comes up as unsold: remember that when somebody is viewing your seat on the website and considering buying it, the seat is blocked to other users for a few minutes, which does not necessarily mean the sale has been completed. Also, the club markets the tickets as well as it can via the different sales channels it has. So not all seats that are freed can be seen in the ticketing section of the website, as they may be marketed via other channels or to different groups.

  • Other queries and incidents: please contact the Supporters Office by mail or by telephone and provide your personal details and explain your problem or query.

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