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How can I cancel a season ticket?

To make a cancellation, the season ticket holder must request this in writing. Download the cancellation form, fill it in and attach a photocopy of your national ID card. Remember that in order to make the cancellation, the form must be duly signed.

In the case of minors, you must also attach a photocopy of the national ID card of the father, mother or legal guardian of the minor.

Once the cancellation has been made, you will receive a letter of confirmation. We remind you that the cancellation of a season ticket does not imply cancellation of membership, which must be requested expressly.

We remind you that in order to cancel your season ticket before the renewal period you must send your request before the date of 31/05.

The request to cancel your season ticket can be sent by email, by fax, by regular mail, or in person.

If the cancellation is effective, the return of the annual season ticket fee can be requested as long as:

  • Membership fees are up to date with payment.
  • The request is made before September 30.
  • The season ticket has not been used for any event during the current season, and neither has the Seient Lliure service been used

In these cases, the request must be presented in person to the OAB along with documentation showing proof of payment, the original season ticket and a photocopy of the national ID card. Once the request has been verified, the club will repay the annual season ticket fees.

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