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What is the commitment card?

In order to provide a response to the huge number of fans who want to form part of FC Barcelona as members, and as the current conditions do not allow this, supporters can register for a commitment card, and after 3 consecutive years in possession of this card, they will be able to make an application to become members of FCBarcelona.

A registration for a commitment can be made by anybody aged over 15 years that has no first degree relative that is a member.

The registration process must be conducted in person by the applicant at the Barcelona Supporter Services Office.

When the registration is made, the physical card shall be provided and shall be valid for three years, the card is automatically renewed each calendar year and charged to the holder’s account, or to the credit card of those cardholders residing abroad, as indicated at the moment that the registration was made. From the second renewal onwards, requests to ?

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