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How can I update my bank account on the club's database?

As long as the cardholder is the same person as the owner of the bank account, they can modify their bank details via any of the following channels:

  • Fax/e-mail: written aplication indicating name and surname(s), membership details (membership code or number, national ID card and date of birth) and also the PIN or the last four digits of the previous bank account.
  • By FC Barcelona Supporter helpline. For security purposes the membership details will be verified (membership code / number, national ID card, date of birth, etc.) and the PIN or the last four digits of the previous bank account will be requested.
  • In person, at the OAB offices, on presentation of the cardholder’s national ID card. If the cardholder would like to authorise somebody else to carry out the transaction, said authorisation must be shownsigned by the cardholder along with photocopies of the national ID cards of both the cardholder and the authorised person.

For further information you can visit Barcelona Supporter web site.

We remind you that in periods prior to the renewal of the membership card (31/10-31/12 approximate dates) and to the payment of season tickets (20/05-31/07 approximate dates) it is not possible to modify the details in the club database. All requests received in these periods will be dealt with at the end of the period during which the database is blocked and you will receive confirmation by email once the changes have been entered in the system.

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